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Girls champions in Innovation: the team from the Campus Bragança Paulista wins the Inova Jovem Program 2019

The Girl Tech Power team was champion in the main category and students from the Campus Campinas were also awarded in the competition.

  • Published: Tuesday 05 November 2019, 16:16 am
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 06 November 2019, 15h35

A group of students from Câmpus Bragança Paulista took first place in the 6th edition of the Inova Jovem 2019 Program, a competition held by the Innovation Agency Inova Unicamp. The competition final took place last Thursday, October 31st. The Inova Jovem Program is aimed at regular or technical high school students with the objective of teaching tools that enable them to see entrepreneurship as a career option. Of a total of 173 teams registered, only 6 were classified for the final.

The Girl Tech Power team, from Câmpus Bragança Paulista, was champion in the main category (Evaluation of the Bank). The team is formed by the students Hellen Thainá Turri, Livia Rodrigues Fernandes and Raissa Cascaval Alves, from the Integrated Technician in Informatics course, and by the students Giovanna Gonçalves Mariano and Laura dos Reis de Godoy, from the Integrated Technician in Mechanics course, who were guided by the teachers Luciano Bernardes de Paula and Cintia Macedo de Lima. The team received trophies and R $ 5.000,00 in prize money.

The five students developed an application that aims to improve the quality of life of patients with fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by generalized chronic pain usually associated with fatigue, sleep disorders and cognitive symptoms, which causes great limitation for patients to exercise any functions.

 The Inova Jovem Program 2019

In the competition, they participated in a first stage in which they participated in the Training Workshop on innovation and how to use the Business Model Canvas (BMC) methodology to model their business ideas, and sent their canvas for evaluation and classification in the next phase. The finalist teams were able to participate in pitch training for the grand final.

IFSP Doublet - In this edition, for the first time, the Program had the Popular Vote category, chosen from among the finalists by the audience present. Another IFSP team, this time from Câmpus Campinas, took the trophy and certificates. The Bag Alarm team, composed by students Manuela Nicoliello, João Pedro Longhi and Weliny Cabral, proposed a device that calculates and alerts cases of overload of backpacks, according to the weight of each user, preventing the development of diseases due to excessive load on the back such as lordosis or herniated disc.


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