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IFSP receives delegation from South Africa

Representatives from the Northern Cape Province Department of Education initiated negotiations for a cooperation agreement with the Institute.

  • Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019, 18:09 pm
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 30 October 2019, 15:28

On Thursday, October 10, a delegation with representatives from the Department of Education of the Northern Cape province, South Africa, visited the IFSP rectory. The South Africans were received by the International Relations Advisor, Cynthia Fischer, the Arinter coordinator, Jussara Pimenta, and the advisor to the rector Crounel Marins.

According to Cynthia Fischer, the purpose of the visit was to initiate negotiations for a cooperation agreement in which the IFSP can assist the South African Department of Education to promote an educational reform, mainly in the technical and technological part. "They are looking for partnerships for areas such as teacher training, renewable energy and information technology," he said.

The IFSP adviser informed that a working group will be set up with members of the Northern Cape Department of Education and representatives from Arinter, the Dean of Education (PRE) and the Information Technology Advisory (TI) to develop a plan for work and put it into action. An upcoming visit by the South Africans will be scheduled for the parties to sign the agreement.

According to ARINTER, such a partnership will promote collaboration between representatives of member countries of the BRICS in a practical and effective way, providing greater integration with the African continent.

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