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National JIF: IFSP students are in Guarapari for competitions

There are 45 students competing in five sports: futsal, swimming judo, table tennis and chess. The Games take place until the 12th

  • Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019, 12:07 pm

More than 1700 students and servers from 30 institutions of the Federal Network are in Guarapari (ES) for the 10th edition of the Games of the Federal Institutes (JIF 2019). From the IFSP, there are 45 students competing until the 12th of October.

At JIF 2019, 11 sports, collective and individual sports are being played: swimming, judo, chess, table tennis, basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, athletics and soccer. The IFSP delegation is participating in the competition in futsal, swimming judo, table tennis and chess, both for men and women.

The IFSP rector, Eduardo Modena, was present at the opening of the JIF, on October 8, and also took the opportunity to follow some competitions that took place the next day (9). For Modena, the great richness of the games is the interaction that it provides to the participants, giving them the possibility to meet other students, to see other realities. "This is what makes us invest more and more efforts to take these young people to these competitions", he evaluates.

According to the dean, seeking elements of overcoming when competing is also part of the training of students. “This world that revolves around competition has the positive side, which is to make the student overcome himself and understand that we win and we lose, that this is part of life”, he says. He also took the opportunity to reinforce that the expectation of management, with the help of teachers in areas related to sports, is to place more and more students to practice them. “Our intention, between the end of this year and next year, is to build strong policies for the insertion of our students in sports”, he reveals.

José Roberto da Silva (Administration and Finance advisor) and Eduardo Modena (rector) attended the IFSP delegation during the 10th edition of the National JIF, in Guarapari


10th edition - JIF 2019 is organized by Ifes, with support from Conif and the Organizing Committee of the Games of the Federal Institutes (Cojif). This year's edition celebrates the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Federal Institutes and the 110th anniversary of the institutions that today make up the Federal Network. The event counts on funding from the Ministry of Education (MEC), from the Ministry of Citizenship, complementing the participating institutions that make up the Federal Network.

Information about the event can be followed on the website jif2019.ifes.edu.br, on Instagram (instagram.com/jifnacional) and Facebook (facebook.com/jifnacional).

State JIF - The IFSP held, between the 20th and the 22nd of September, its first state edition of the Federal Institutes Games. The games were held at the Avaré Campus and brought together 369 students from 19 Institute Campus. Three modalities were played: Futsal (in teams), Table Tennis (individual and in pairs) and Chess (individual). All the modalities were disputed in the masculine and feminine categories.

Rectors meeting -  Until this Thursday (10th), the Guarapari Campus also receives the 100th Regular Meeting of Conif, with rectors from all over the country. The council is a forum for discussing, proposing and promoting policies for the development of professional and technological training, research and innovation.





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