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Rectors of federal educational institutions in São Paulo meet with the São Paulo Chamber of Deputies

Managers pleaded for bench amendments for 2020 and accounted for funds received in 2019

  • Published: Friday 04 October 2019, 16:11
  • Last updated on Thursday, 10 October 2019, 09h15

Rector Eduardo Modena and the leaders of the other three federal educational institutions in São Paulo met in Brasília, on October 1, with federal deputies from the São Paulo bench. The purpose of the meeting was to give an account of what is being done with the funds from 2019 parliamentary amendments, and also to request the release of amendments for 2020, whose deadline for appointment is 24 October.

It was the first time that the rectors met with the bench to present the results achieved. The occasion also served for the leaders to present the proposals for the use of the resources of the amendments that are being requested for next year. During the meeting, a video was shown, jointly produced by IFSP, UFABC, Unifesp and UFSCar, telling a little of what has been carried out and what is in the planning for 2020, in case amendments are released. The video can be viewed here.

The IFSP rector insists on reinforcing the importance of bench amendments, especially at this time of enormous budgetary restraint. "The resources provided for the realization of several actions, all with the student as the main focus", he says. Modena also recalls that, with a limited budget, it was necessary to make choices, and the management chose, in 2019, to complete several works instead of holding the Extension and Teaching congresses, for example. “The courts, the laboratories, the libraries, the cafeterias, everything was built thinking about the quality of the training we offer to the students, which shows that they continue to be our main concern”, he emphasizes. 

At the meeting with the São Paulo bench, held at the Chamber of Deputies, Modena composed a table next to the directors of Unifesp, Soraya Smaili, and UFSCar, Wanda Hoffmann, of the dean of UFABC, Dácio Matheus, of the leader of the São Paulo bench, deputy Herculano Passos (MDB), and the deputy leader of the bench, deputy Vinicius Poit (Novo). The dean of the IFSP accompanied the dean of Administration, Silmário Batista, the advisor to the rector, Newton Lima, and the director of INOVA, Alexandre Chahad. The meeting also counted on the participation of several deputies and representatives of the São Paulo bench.

Individual Amendments - The IFSP delegation took advantage of the trip to Brasília to visit the offices of the deputies and senators of the São Paulo bench and deliver letters requesting also the designation of individual amendments to the IFSP in the 2020 budget.

According to Silmário, the search for individual and bench amendments is more intense this year, due to the expectation that budgetary restraint will continue in 2020. “The acquisition of these resources is essential for us to continue on the path of completing our public facilities. It is the amendments that will give us the conditions for that ”, he says. The dean of administration states that, for next year, the idea is to expand the resource won in 2019, which reached R $ 13 million, added to those from individual amendments and bench.

Individual amendments by federal deputies guaranteed the Institute R $ 6.172.450, of which R $ 4.400.000 from Congresswoman Luiza Erundina (PSOL), R $ 600 from Congressman Paulo Teixeira (PT), R $ 600 from Congressman Ivan Valente ( PSOL), R $ 200 thousand from deputy Herculano Passos (MDB), R $ 172.450 from deputy Vitor Lippi (PSDB), R $ 100 thousand from deputy Arlindo Chinaglia (PT) and R $ 100 thousand from senator Major Olímpio (PSL).

These amendments allowed the construction of the Avaré library, the beginning of the construction of an administrative block in São Roque, the beginning of the construction of a theater in the São Paulo campus, the realization of the first edition of the IFSP State Games and the construction of photovoltaic cells on multiple campuses.

The bench amendments allowed Management to carry out actions in all IFSP campuses. Among the actions are the acquisition of equipment and the construction of sports courts and classrooms.

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