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DDGA / PRE releases IFSP CRAs Mind Map

PRE, through the Directorate of Data and Academic Management (DDGA), prepares a Mind Map with processes carried out in the Academic Records Coordinators (CRAs) of the IFSP campuses.

  • Published: Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 18h20
  • Last updated on Tuesday, October 01, 2019, 12:10 pm

The CRA is the sector, of the campuses, of the IFSP, responsible for the documentation and records of most of the activities related to the academic life of the students, from the entry into the courses at the institution, until the conclusion / collation of degree and the issuance of Diplomas.

The excellence in the performance of its services, through good service, agility and safety are attributes of the sector that impact throughout the institution.

In 2017, in order to map and improve the procedures performed in the sector, the IFSP Commission for Mapping the Processes of the Academic Records Coordinators (CRAs) was constituted, made up of members who are servers and / or coordinators of the campus CRAs, from the Dean of Education (PRE) and, with support from the Office of Processes (EP), which comprises a consultancy directly linked to the Dean of Institutional Development (PRD). The main objective of the Commission is to identify / map all the processes executed by the CRAs, as well as to act with the modeling of the executed activities and processes and standardization of procedures, manuals and forms used by this institutional sector.

The work of the Commission has been carried out through weekly meetings (by videoconference) and, occasionally, in person.

Focusing on the finalization of the Mental map of the CRAs, which is a graphical representation tool for organizing and managing information, on 17/06/2019, a videoconference was held, in two different shifts, with the purpose of promoting the increase of the participation of the campuses, in what concerns joint analysis, construction validation, and possible complementation of the collection of contributions for the Mental map. The idea was to recognize and model the processes that were not identified and represented in the course of their conception / structuring / drawing and to validate the final document. On this occasion, there was the participation of the coordinators of the CRAs and / or civil servants in the sector of twenty-four campuses.

O Mental map it also presents the unfolding of the process through ramifications that start from a central concept. In this way, the Mental map of CRAs has four macroprocesses: 1) Attend Students; 2) Attend Internal Sectors; 3) Manage External Academic Actions and 4) Attend External Audiences.

With a view to finalizing the organization's graphic representation and information management of all the processes and activities performed by the CRAs within the IFSP, the Process Mapping Commission of the Academic Records Coordinators (CRAs) of the IFSP provides the final representation of the Mental map, viewable by clicking here.

As a continuation of the work, the commission intends to continue with the modeling of the processes and standardize the manuals, as well as the forms, in order to consolidate the planned actions.

In addition, the committee informs that it is open to proceed with the inclusion of new members in this work and that, for that, interested parties should send a request to the e-mail: .

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