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Conif releases official note on the Future-se program

The National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (Conif) externalized its concern with the announcement, by the Ministry of Education (MEC), of the Future-se program, and made public reflective points about this governmental action.

  • Published: Thursday 01 August 2019, 15:35 am
  • Last updated on Thursday, 08 August 2019, 10h55

Abstracting its merit, the conceptual root of the proposal already brings a notorious problem of method, which is expressed in the entire exclusion of public agents, governing bodies and institutional collective representations in the debate regarding its construction, due to what the news caused astonishment and surprise across the entire network.

A formulation of public interest, which is even willing to change existing laws and affect established principles, as it is preliminarily presented, needs to be thoroughly analyzed at the collective level, and it is not reasonable to lighten its announcement, to the detriment of the debate.

This Council also understands that no action in the future should precede the act of remedying the serious financial and budgetary situation experienced by the Network, whose operation is seriously threatened by the blockages then processed. The temporal bias is paramount, because how can we consider public policies that will structure the future if our present time is compromised and is insecure and uncertain? Let us first arrange our present time, dispel insecurities and uncertainties; and, in parallel, let us take care of the future time, with planning, organization and our broad participation.

The proposal is still incipient and raises several doubts, which need to be clarified, and also depends on subsequent acts of regulation, which suggests traces of vagueness and imprecision. In addition, note the superficiality with which crucial concepts are treated, such as the autonomy of institutional management, added in the preliminary text in a diffuse and ambiguous way, shaded by social organizations and investment funds, elements foreign to our universe.       

We reaffirm our commitment to the observance of the postulates enshrined in the current legal system, whose core is the guarantee of public education, free of charge, qualified and socially referenced, as an inalienable right of all Brazilians and a duty of the State, which figures as a vector, provider and maintaining its structure and functioning, as required by constitutional foundations.

We defend, in the same vein, the inclusion policies of the Federal Network, which absorb young people and adults in situations of social risk; and interiorization, which contemplate the poor population of remote parts of Brazil, currently discouraged and hopeless.

The basic parameters of this order are the law 11.892 / 2008, which establishes the Federal Network for Professional, Scientific and Technological Education, and the law 13.005 / 2014, which approves the National Education Plan, legal diplomas that guide and govern such postulates, and if they built in the light of debates on collective plans, before the organized society, the academy and the Brazilian parliament.

We propose, in this logic, the formation of a dialogue table with the Ministry of Education, which works with the perspective of guaranteeing the role of the Union as a provider of the constitutional right to education, of seeking solutions for the public nature of its financing and to consolidate the Federal Network.

Seeing, therefore, this education as a precious asset for all, we reinforce that every action or policy that concerns it needs to be the subject of wide discussion, from the academic bases of our spaces, in dialogue with organized society and government public agents, even the parliament, which will be responsible for legislating on matters of such interest for the future of education in our country.

Brasilia, August 1 of 2019.


 2nd Extraordinary Meeting of the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (Conif) in 2019


Click here to access the PDF note.

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