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CONICT - Congress on Scientific and Technological Initiation - aims to stimulate, expand and disseminate scientific production resulting from research activities carried out by high school and technical students, graduation in scientific and technological initiation programs conducted at IFSP.

O CONPOG - Graduate Congress - aims to stimulate, expand and disseminate the scientific production resulting from the lato sensu and stricto sensu graduate programs at the IFSP.

They are annual events, of a scientific and technological nature, of a multidisciplinary nature, which integrate the main areas of knowledge, with the participation of the internal and external community of the IFSP. They help to promote the diffusion of scientific and technological production through oral presentations and / or posters of works, whose expanded summaries are published in their annals. In addition, it provides the community with knowledge of the results of the research carried out, bringing researchers closer to the productive sectors.

See more at: http://conict.ifsp.edu.br/

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