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PRP publishes notice to encourage participation in events for civil servants 

Published: Thursday 25 February 2021, 10:52 PM | Last updated on Friday, 26 February 2021, at 22:01

Incentive Program for Participation in Events receives registrations from March 1st 

The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (PRP) publishes the Notice no. 56/2021 of the Institutional Incentive Program for Participation in Scientific and Technological Events for Servers (PIPECT / IFSP).  

PIPECT enables the participation of permanent staff in scientific and technological events, national or international, for the presentation / dissemination of academic production developed at IFSP. 

1st term registration starts on March 1st (see dates for other periods in the table below). 

For more information, click here

 Access the full announcement here

Period Request Period Event start date Registration approval Approval appeal until Result
1 º 01/03/2021 a 05/04/2021 01/01/2021 a 30/04/2021 12/04/2021 16/04/2021 24/04/2021
2 º 01/06/2021 a 03/07/2021 01/05/2021 a 31/08/2021 28/07/2021 03/08/2021 11/08/2021
3 º 01/10/2021 a 03/11/2021 01/09/2021 a 31/12/2021 08/11/2021 12/11/2021 19/11/2021
registered in:
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