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IFSP servers participate in book on Professional Education

Published: Friday, January 22, 2021, 12:00 pm | Last updated on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 11h43

Work presents collection of works by researchers working at GEPEMHEP

The servers Alba Fernanda Oliveira Brito and Fernanda Ferreira Boschini, from the São Paulo Campus, and Martha Todeschini, from the Dean of Education (PRE), are part of the group of researchers representing the IFSP who participate in the publication of the book “Narratives of Curricula, from School Architecture to its Artifacts ”, published in 2020. The work presents a collection of works by professors-researchers who work in the Study and Research Group on Memories and History of Professional Education (GEPEMHEP), at the Paula Sousa Center, and Education Centers. Memories of other institutions that research on the history of professional and technological education.

In the book are published the lectures presented in the face-to-face event "Journey of Cultural and Technological Heritage of Professional Education: narratives of curricula, from school architecture to its artifacts", between November 9 and 10, 2017, at the Paula Sousa Center, in São Paulo . The publication covers the following thematic axes: Curricula, subjects, school and pedagogical practices in the history of professional education; Oral history about curricula, spaces and institutional artifacts of professional education; and History of the teaching profession: training, curriculum and school culture.

The chapter entitled “The Architecture of the Federal Technical School of São Paulo: the ways of thinking and doing Professional Education" was written by the servers Alba Fernanda Oliveira Brito and Fernanda Ferreira Boschini. According to them, the narrative in the field of oral history was provided by retired server Rubens José Ciasca, from the Civil Construction area of Campus São Paulo and tells the architectural and engineering process for the construction of the school building, where the Campus São Paulo and the rectory are located, at Rua Pedro Vicente, Canindé, São Paulo.

According to Alba, since 2016, with the reorganization of the IFSP memorial collection, she and Fernanda have been conducting academic research related to the history of Professional and Technological Education. According to her, the collection stored in the IFSP, in different documentary supports, has enabled researchers to access the primary documentary sources that give an account of the institution's history and studies related to the history of Brazilian education.

Alba says that the IFSP has a rich history that needs to be written and disseminated, so that everyone can know the legacy that the Institute has built in São Paulo. For Fernanda Boschini, it is necessary and urgent to disseminate the academic research produced by IFSP in partnership with other institutions of professional and technological education.

Martha Todeschini, PRE servant, is the author of the chapter “Aprígio Gonzaga and the São Paulo slojd: a teaching project for the training of São Paulo workers”. The text deals with the life trajectory of normalist professor Aprígio de Almeida Gonzaga, director of the Professional School for Men in the Capital from its creation in 1911 until 1934. 

According to her, the reading of the text is relevant to the understanding of the ideas and social relations that guided the presence of a normalist concerned with primary education articulated with professional education for the formation of the new republican worker based on work, civism , and in the construction of the republic.

“The text also presents Aprígio de Almeida Gonzaga as the creator of a teaching system that articulating the manual work started in primary education - without professional purpose, but always utilitarian - culminated in professional education - frankly professional, the SLOJD PAULISTA, ”said Martha.

The chapter written by Todeschini is part of the Thesis presented by her at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, in July 2016.

Access the book Curriculum Narratives, from School Architecture to your Artifacts by clicking here. This and other works of the genre are available on the website Memories and History of Professional Education, from the Paula Sousa Center.

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