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Published: Monday, 21 October 2013, 16h02 | Last updated on Friday, 09 October 2020, 13h13

In this section, information related to the programs, actions, projects and activities implemented by the IFSP are disclosed.

Actions and Programs of the Dean of Education

Actions and Programs of the Dean of Extension

Actions and Programs of the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

Programs are the main instrument that governments use to promote integration between entities and sectors to implement public policies and optimize their resources, whether financial, human, logistical or material. On the other hand, an action is a set of operations, whose products contribute to the objectives of the government program. The action can be a special project, activity or operation.

The body / entity must provide the following minimum set of information in relation to its respective programs, projects and actions:
I - list of programs and actions carried out by the body / entity;
II - indication of the unit responsible for development and implementation;
III - main goals;
IV - result and impact indicators, if any;
V - main results.

In relation to programs and actions that constitute services directly rendered to the public by the body / entity, the following additional information must be presented:
I - the service offered;
II - the requirements, documents and information necessary to access the service;
III - the main steps for processing the service;
IV - the maximum term for the provision of the service;
V - the form of service provision;
VI - the form of communication with the service requester;
VII - the places and ways to access the service;
VIII - service priorities;
IX - waiting time for assistance;
X - deadlines for the performance of services;
XI - mechanisms of communication with users;
XII - procedures for receiving, attending, managing and responding to suggestions and complaints;
XIII - provision of information about the stages, present and future, expected for the performance of the services, including estimates of deadlines;
XIV - consultation mechanisms, on the part of users, about the stages, completed and pending, for the performance of the requested service;
XV - treatment to be given to users when attending;
XVI - basic requirements for the visual signaling system of the service units;
XVII - minimum conditions to be observed by the service units, especially with regard to accessibility, cleanliness and comfort;
XVIII - alternative procedures for assistance when the computerized system is unavailable;
XIX - other information deemed to be of interest to users.

The body or entity that already publishes said set of information on its electronic portal or that already publishes its respective Letter of Services to the Citizen may provide a link referring to the area where the information is already available.

If the agency / entity does not yet disclose such information on its electronic portal, it must produce and make the content available. Two options that can contribute to the service of the body / entity to this item are:

The publication of the institutional data of the body / entity available in the Integrated Planning and Budget System of Brazil (SIOP), available at: https://www.siop.planejamento.gov.br/siop/

The direction to the link of the management report of the body / entity, as long as it is updated and the information is easy to locate.

If the agency / entity has extra information on the site itself, it may indicate the link. An example would be the PPA evaluation report, on the CGU website: http://www.cgu.gov.br/Publicacoes/AvaliacaoPPA/index.asp


For more information on the Access to Information section, check out the guides prepared by the Federal Comptroller General.

Guide for creating the information access section on the electronic portals of federal agencies and entities (pdf file)

Guide for creating the Access to Information Section on the electronic portals of State and Municipal Bodies and Entities (pdf file)

Publication of the list of classified and declassified information and statistical reports on the Access to Information Law (pdf file)

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